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Information for Parents

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Some important information can be viewed below. For the complete policies and values please see the downloads above, in particular the Parent Information Booklet.

Our School Values

Our school has identified the following values on which we base our behaviour and actions:
Respect - Responsibility - Persistence


The Canteen offers a healthy eating program. We have an excellent canteen that provides good quality food at low cost. Children order their lunch first thing in the morning, in their classroom using brown paper bags available from the Canteen or Front Office. It is appreciated if the correct money is enclosed. Current price lists are available from the Front Office or the Canteen. Variations in prices are advised by the Newsletter or by issue of a new price list. If you can offer some spare time to help in the Canteen, please let us know.

Hot Weather / Wet Weather

All classrooms in this school are air conditioned and therefore children will not be dismissed early if temperatures are over 36 degrees celcius. When the temperature is reported on Channel Seven News as 36 degrees or more for the following day, students will have supervised indoor play at lunch time. At Recess students will play outdoors but in shaded areas unless the temperature is already 36 degrees. Hats must be worn for all outside activities through out the year.

On days when it is raining at Recess or Lunch, students will stay inside their classrooms. Supervision is provided by class teachers.

Lost Property

Please name your child's clothing and other belongings to keep lost property to a minimum. Lost property is stored in the Drop-in Centre, next to Room 5, and may be inspected at any time. Items not claimed by term's end go to charity, or into the school's clothing shop.

School Uniform

The wearing of our school uniform engenders pride in our school and is a visible sign of the cohesiveness of our students. We expect parents will encourage "school spirit" in their children by dressing them in our approved school wear. Our school colours are maroon, black and white. Grey is a Year 7 option only.

Traffic and Parking

Parent parking is available on the Gawler/Two Wells Rd off Old Mallala Rd and at the far side of the oval using the Two Wells Community Children’s Centre drive way. No parent parking is available in the staff car park at the front of the school.